Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emily & Matt's Beautiful Wedding Day

First things first, I am starting with the infamous shoes that set the tone for the entire wedding.

To. Die. For.


I am so overjoyed to share the pictures with you from Matt and Emily's wedding. Everything about the weekend was pretty much beyond perfect. From silly Father Jerry "Curl" who was a stickler for hands in the pockets, to the beautiful moment when Emily's dad walked her down the aisle and learning how to "Dougie" with grandma,  it was all exactly as it should be.

After the rehearsal dinner I flew home from Bloomington to Chillicothe and went straight to work on Emily's flowers. I was beaming with excitement the entire time, just loving how everything was coming together and knowing how much Emily was going to love it.  Emily is one of those people who you don't find very often in life. She has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met and would literally give you her last pair of underwear if you needed it. She would drop everything in a second if any of her friends or family needed her, and I'm really not saying that to be nice and mushy! This only made me that much happier that I was able to lend Emily and Matt a hand on their wedding day and take a little stress off of them. Ok, we can't forget about Matt too! He's such an awesome guy with one of the best sense of humors. He's fiesty, witty and been Emily's rock whenever she needed him. Can you tell how much I love these two? Wait, did I mention they are both insanely good looking??

Here are some of their wedding pictures done by the lovely and talented Katelyn Turner Photography that really show off the wedding flowers. We used flowers from all over the world, but the star of the bouquets were the beautiful garden roses that smelled just as sweet as they looked! The colors pulled everything together, and I couldn't have been happier with the way they all turned out!

Thank you Matt and Emily for letting me share your special day with you! I love you both and couldn't be happier for you. You truly are the epitomy of a perfect couple!

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!!! Wow, I can't believe you were in the wedding and did the flowers too. What amazing skills you have.