You might be thinking....

What sets Lily Belle apart?

Lily Belle looks at flowers like they are a piece of art.We want to make sure everything we create will compliment the bride, her wedding, and her dress. Its so important to have a great eye for color, and we think the right color combination is the key to any beautiful bouquet or arrangement. Lily Belle LOVES the challenge of designing something that has never been done before for the risky bride, but we also adore the soft romantic bouquets for the traditional bride.

How do we contact Lily Belle Floral Design?

We would absolutely love to hear from you. If you are interested in receiving more information or want to schedule a floral consultation to discuss your wedding flowers, you can either call us at (309)397-0577 or email us at

What will the consultation be like?

During our consultation, we will discuss you, what you love, what you hate and dive deep into all the design aspects of your wedding. We will go over your floral needs and the different options you have with Lily Belle. We always ask brides to bring any pictures of flowers they have seen that caught their eye. We also encourage brides to bring pictures of their wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and any color swatches they have handy. If those things are exactly set in stone yet that's ok too. After the consultation we come up with a written floral proposal based on what we discussed and everything you will be needing to make your day picture perfect.

How should I budget my wedding flowers?

"They" say a bride should expect to spend 15-20% of their wedding budget on flowers. Obviously some may spend less than that and some may spend significantly more. Its all up to you and how big of a role you want flowers to play in your wedding. It definitely helps to have a budget in mind before going into your consultation, but if you are completely clueless about the general cost of what it is you want than we can go over that too! There are so many  factors that come into play when coming up with how much your wedding flowers are going to cost. Some of these factors include: flower types, season and availability, size of your wedding, and many more. We want to make sure every bride we work with feels so special, no matter if they are spending $500 or $10,000. Lily Belle's price points are definitely reasonable and can fit any budget. We think every bride deserves to have beautiful flowers and a wedding she has always dreamed of. It makes us so happy to think we could help make that a reality. We are perfectionists and over detailed to a fault at times, and we can promise our brides we will always do whatever it takes to make them happy! We would never give our brides something we wouldn’t be happy with ourselves.

Do you offer vase rentals?

Yes, we absolutely offer vase and centerpiece rentals. This can save brides a ton of money and hassle. If we don't necessarily have what you're looking for we can show you some other options from different trust-worthy vendors in the area.